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Bluebird Hill Farm

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Bennett, NC

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February 2011

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Norma DeCamp Burns


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A North Carolina family farm
Norma DeCamp Burns wants to keep her North Carolina family farm from disappearing. In the Tar Heel state, that’s an uphill battle—North Carolina loses 55 acres of farmland each day. 

Norma singlehandedly operates Bluebird Hill Farm in Bennett, NC, where she grows USDA Certified Organic fresh herbs, specialty vegetables and Grosso Lavender. Her long-term plans include a blend of technology with old fashioned barn raising techniques to farm more efficiently. 

Norma utilized a ShadeFund loan to buy a specially designed harvester and a large capacity steam distiller so she can produce more premium lavender hydrosol and lavender essential oil. Each June, she thanks her volunteer harvest crew with a little North Carolina BBQ and fresh bouquets of the sweet smelling flowers.




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