Why ShadeFund Matters

Why ShadeFund Matters



We think the future of American business will be green—and we’re not alone. Every year, thousands of U.S. entrepreneurs look for responsible new ways to put our natural resources to work. They create jobs while sustaining the forests and open space that preserve clean air and water for all of us. New jobs in communities that depend on these working lands help ensure we’ll have green forests, ranches and farms in the future. Without creative conservation, the US Forest Service says 26 million acres of working farms and forests – an area the size of Ohio – could disappear before 2030.

But many green innovators have a hard time finding the money they need to grow their business from idea to reality. Their personal resources only carry them so far, and banks are reluctant to lend to young, small businesses, no matter how bright their future may be.

That’s where ShadeFund comes in. Using your tax deductible contribution, ShadeFund provides small loans to promising green entrepreneurs across America.