Ways to eat and shop on a budget


On a tight budget planning for meals can be challenging and even more problematic if one is trying to eat healthily. This due to the differences in individual taste and preferences in the diet as well as factoring the constant universal expenses on a grocery list. Unhealthy foods such as junks on the contrary retail at relatively low prices which may misguide in the event a person is not decided on dietary and shopping needs. To avoiding large shopping volumes of junk foods at the expense of one’s dietary preferences, this article provides insight on the way to eat and shop on a budget.

Tips on how to eat and shop on a budget

Plan your meals in advance

4567utryetwrBe for the beginning of a new week; it is advisable to make a grocery list of the things that one will need for the coming week. After making the grocery list, take stock of what is available in the fridge and cabinets and strike out all the available items, or adjust the qualities accordingly. It is also advisable to make sure you shop for what you are sure you will use. This will minimize the chances of unnecessary expenses. It is also wise to stick to the grocery list. Avoid areas f the store with processed foods even if there are offers. Wandering to do such purchases results to unnecessarily high costs. Prioritizing nutritious meals is advisable such as the fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low –fat dairy.

Cook in large portions

The overall cost of cooking in large portions is economical regarding money and time. Such portions are then packed in sizable amounts and placed in the fridge. The meals will then only need a warming for the subsequent lunch meals and dinner. If eating the same meal repeatedly is not an option for you, one could make a meal in which would cater for the current need and the immediate subsequent one. The leftover can be repurposed to give the meal a different flavor. Keeping an organized fridge also helps in making sure there is no a pile of meals that are not fully cooked.

Cut on meat expenses

Meat in a budget always hikes the cost thus seeking alternative sources of protein such as whole grains is advisable. Whole grains such as beans are a good source of protein while planning for meals on a budget. Expansion of the cuisines one is oriented to is also a great idea to adopt Mexican and other cuisines which are not emphatic on meat as a protein source. Alternatively, one may go for meat that is economical. Instead of shopping for fish, pork and red meats, one may go chicken and selectively pick the cheaper parts of the chicken. Drumsticks are cheaper compared to the breast hence such an option would be recommendable.456uthretrw

Emphasis on fresh produce

It is advisable to shop for products while they are in season. Purchasing in bulk at this time is also advisable since the produce is in surplus hence lower prices in the market. For vegetables and fruits, they are most nutritious at this time. It is therefore advisable to shop them in large quantities during this time package them and freeze them. Alternatively, you may shop them while already frozen. However, grapes, apples, strawberries, and peaches retain pesticides when frozen, it is, therefore, advisable to clean them with an organic before freezing them and after to prevent food poisoning.